Click to view my Spotlight CV

Click to view my Spotlight CV

Lawrence: After Arabia

There are some people I see through my viewfinder and get very engrossed, and touched emotionally… I certainly did with Hattie, she is someone who will go very far indeed… It’s almost like I’m there in the story and I forget I’m actually just filming it for those few moments. Simon Lawrence DOP

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

Loretta Walsh, Hattie Gotobed, James Grogan and J.J. Brown are superb as the four misfit kids who stumble across a devious plot to destroy the family holiday park.

 TV Cartonnito Tales

Hattie was my wicked – but very beautiful – witch in the Turner production of Hansel and Gretel, Cartoonito Tales.

Hattie was very easy to direct and a complete joy to work with.

Technical Ability

Hattie remembered her different positions while filming, first, second, third, she hit them each time.

It was important the cast didn’t look to camera and maintained the correct eye line in different takes.

Hattie did this perfectly, taking direction brilliantly, but for me most importantly Hattie took my translation and added her own take to it, making for a much more authentic piece.

Attitude and Performance on Set.

Hattie was great throughout the week, she sat quietly but when she was called to set she was totally switched on. Both costume and make-up enjoyed working with her. Hattie looked great on film.  The camera loves her and she held her own in a very busy set.

I would put Hattie’s name forward for any role suitable for her age.

One thing I noticed that I think is important to mention is that my crew are seasoned professionals who between them have over 100 years of experience working in television.  Every single member of my crew commented on what an amazing actress Hattie was and how much the camera loved her.

To be singled out for such high praise by a crew who have worked with some of the biggest names in music and film is possibly the highest praise anyone can have.

I wish Hattie all the best in the future and hope to one day work with her again.   Danusia Smith (Director)

British Red Cross Advert

I casted Hattie for the main part in a commercial for American Red Cross. She takes directions amazingly well and shows a great professional attitude. For me as the director it was a great pleasure to work with Hattie, because she is very flexible and she is able to tune or adjust her performance at all times, if requested. She managed without problems to work within a very tight schedule and she didn’t even have any problems to keep performance and timing in a complicated special effects set up. Michael Kofler (Director)

Film: Remedy for a Syndrome

Hi Hattie, Tracy and Paul, Just to say Hattie is a star in the making! Today meant lots of waiting around for the deer and passers by to co-ordinate with us and Hattie dealt wonderfully with the filming. Although it took a long time to get, we’re pleased with the outcome! I’m really excited to see the rushes once they’re back from the labs. I must thank you all for your wonderful help and enthusiasm with the project. It was just wonderful to work with Hattie and I’d love to do so again in the future! Best wishes, Olivia Brittain (casting director)

3 Minute Canvas Frame Photo Advert

Hattie is a pleasure to work with. She takes direction very well and is a natural in front of the camera – a real star in the making. She is confident, polite and a joy to have on set. Nothing was too much trouble for the family and they kept smiling no matter what was asked of them – a real breath of fresh air and would highly recommend. Many thanks – Hannah Parker, (Head of Production, Pitch World Ltd)

Hattie and Dead John Horror Film Still

Family Portrait Horror Film

Hattie Gotobed was an absolute joy to work with. A total professional who was full of energy and enthusiasm from start to finish, Hattie took to the role immediately. Hattie took direction well, keen to work hard and make the film the best that it could be. In addition to her professional behaviour, Hattie is an excellent actress who really committed to the part and made her scenes believable. I would happily recommend Hattie to anyone looking for a professional skilled child actress for their project. James Dwyer (Director)

Ben Howard music video

Hattie was an absolute pleasure to work with, she was extremely professional and very eager to follow instruction, she put everything into her performances and works very well with other actors, both children and adults, she made no complaints even on an outdoor shoot in the cold, we couldn’t recommend her enough. Maisie Gullifer (producer)

Film: Little Martha

Hattie was just great – very comfortable in front of the camera and so easy to work with.  I can assure you that should we be lucky enough to ‘make it’ in the future then we’ll certainly remember you all. 

Thanks again James Christopherson (producer)

The Choice

Hattie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was extremely professional in front of the camera, delivering her lines without fault take after take. She was also very interested in learning about her character, asking how she should delivery her lines and how she should act on camera. My crew and I all agree that she was the best child actress we had ever worked with. Felicity Arkell (Director)